About Your Farmer


Trempler Family Farms, LLC believes that our actions have a direct impact on our community, environment, and the world. We strive to grow the best produce, ethically, using organic permaculture practices.


My name is Lindsey Trempler and I’m the proud owner of Trempler Family Farms, LLC since 2016. I feel privileged that you’re letting me be your farmer and bringing the food I nurtured home to feed you and your family. I grew up in rural Michigan surrounded by farms. As a teenager, I picked asparagus and my family always had a large garden and, at times, pigs and chickens. I grew up, went to college, and worked in the medical field for almost ten years. Over the years, I realized it’s important to know your farmer.  And so, Trempler Family Farms began. In 2018, Trempler Family Farms expanded to include an additional 1/2 acre. In 2019, I built my first high tunnel and in 2022, my second high tunnel.

If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 

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