🍉New for CSA 2020🌽

Update 12/2019: CSA shares are sold out. Thank you for your interest!

CSAs are now open for the 2020 season. Please call or text me at 231-750-9321 or email me at tremplerfamilyfarms@gmail.com saying you agree to these terms, have read the full CSA description, and to pay your deposit. I have 18 shares available and your deposit is required to secure one of those shares. 

Trempler Family Farms will require a FULLY REFUNDABLE deposit of $50 to hold your spot as a CSA 2020 member. In order to have the deposit refunded, members will need to order, pickup, and pay for CSA boxes 50% of the time during the full CSA season. Typically the CSA season lasts for 24 weeks (May-October) so you will be allowed to miss 12 weeks. As always, I understand if something drastic happens in your life. Please speak to me if you need to cancel your CSA membership early.

I will accept this deposit in cash, check, or Cashapp. Please no PayPal or credit deposit payments due to their fees. If you pay in cash, I will return your deposit in cash. If you pay with a check, I will not cash the check unless you miss more than 12 weeks of CSA pickups. If you pay with Cashapp, I will pay you back with Cashapp.

Expect your deposit to be returned at the end of October. If you pay with cash, I will have you sign a form saying I returned your deposit to you.

Full CSA Description: 

🍎A traditional CSA or Community Supported Agriculture program consists of a farmer offering a certain number of CSA shares to the public. You pay a large sum upfront and throughout the growing season you will receive a weekly box of seasonal produce. Traditionally, you have no choice of what’s in the box.

🌶Trempler Family Farms’ CSA is non traditional and is much more relaxed. You will request a $15 or $20 per week for a box tailored to you & your family’s tastebuds. Here’s how it works:

🍅I will text you a list of available produce that week. You text back and tell me if there’s anything you don’t care for or are allergic to. I prefer to text so that I have a written record that I can reference while making your box. Please text back even if you don’t want a box that week as it will help me plan accordingly.

🍒You pick up* at the farm stand on a day that is convenient for you (8am-8pm) or at the Southtown Farmers’ Market (Due to Covid-19, at this time, I am not doing Tuesday Market pickups)  Tuesdays from 5pm-7pm and pay at the time of pickup**. Your box (cooler) will be marked with your name. Please bring your own box/cooler etc to transfer your produce into. You are allowed to take everything home, but my coolers. Please return mesh bags, ice packs, jars, plastic tubs and other containers the following week.

*Delivery is available in Corvallis during regular business hours for a $15 delivery charge. $15 delivery charge is still applied for no shows or those who are later than 15 minutes.

**Pay in cash, Square cash (aka Cash App), credit, or PayPal (credit and PayPal is accepted for the weekly CSA boxes but not for the deposit). Let me know if you have another preferred way to pay.

🍏If you’re going to be out of town, no worries! Just text me back, let me know, and I will text you the following week. You do not lose any money because you did not pay upfront. If I am going to be out of town, I will let you know ASAP so you can plan your meals accordingly.

🍐The CSA season runs from May to October. Mother Nature is unpredictable. I can usually count on having at least $15 worth of produce for you weekly; however, if I can’t provide that amount of produce we can adjust the amount to a $10 CSA. Alternatively, if there is an abundance of produce and you would like to up your CSA from a $15 to a $20 or $20 to $25 etc for one or multiple weeks, I can do that for you too.

CSA members get first dibs on the best produce and the add ons such as eggs, honey, homemade jelly, juice, mushrooms, and more!

🍎What you can expect each season:

1. Spring:

Months of April, May and June. Spring is green veggie heavy. 

-Mostly greens, some broccoli, peas, radishes, possibly early tomatoes, strawberries, herbs etc

Example $15 Week: 2 gallon sized bags of mixed lettuce, radish bunch, 1 gallon size bag of broccoli, pint of strawberries

Example $2o Week: 2 gallon sized bags of mixed lettuce, radish bunch, 1 gallon size bag of pak choi, pint of strawberries, pint of sugar snap peas. 

2. Summer: 

July, August, September, 1st 2 weeks of October

-Tomatoes, Peppers, Summer Squashes, Winter Squash, Pumpkins, Zucchini, Cucumbers, Beans, Chiles, Carrots, Herbs, Garlic, Fruits (may include grapes, apples, pears, plums, and cherries), etc

Example $15 Week: 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, 3 heirloom tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 zucchini, 1 summer squash, a clove of garlic, 1 pint of beans, 3 Gravenstein apples

Example $20 Week: 1 pint of cherry tomatoes, 3 heirloom tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 1 pint of green beans, 3 Bartlett Pears, 1 zucchini, 1 summer squash, six beets, 1 pound new potatoes, a clove of garlic.

3. Fall: 

Middle of October until the season ends and as produce is available. 

Greens, Brussel Sprouts, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Winter Squash, Pie Pumpkins

Example $15 Week: A pint of Brussels Sprouts, 1 Cabbage, 1 Cauliflower, Acorn Squash, Head of Garlic

Example $20 Week: A pint of Brussels Sprouts, 1 Cabbage, 1 Cauliflower, a pint of sugar snap peas, 2 Delicotta squash, 1 pie pumpkin. 


Example of Farmer/CSA Customer Text Interaction:

Farmer Lindsey: This week I have tomatoes, potatoes, onions, summer squash, cucumbers, garlic, apples, pears, eggs, broccoli, eggplant and green beans.

You: I don’t like eggplant and I just bought garlic but I really would love extra cherry tomatoes

Farmer Lindsey: No problem, see you tomorrow when you pick up your box!

Then you’d see in your $15 box: 2 pints cherry tomatoes, 1 pint green beans, 2 apples, 2 pears, 1 summer squash, 1 pint potatoes, 1 yellow onion

🍓Because of the small amount of CSA customers, I can spend more time customizing the CSA box to fit your needs. You won’t always get everything that I list in the text, but you will always* be able to customize. 

*If you don’t want anything but one or two items, I can still do that, but I may not have $15 worth of those few items.

🍐I send out the produce list to everyone at the same time-Sunday. For produce that is in limited quantities, I first split it between everyone and then it goes to the first person who contacts me. For example: I have 10 pints of cherry tomatoes and 15 CSA shares. I will give 1 pint to the first 10 customers to contact me. However, the other 5 customers will still receive a full box of beautiful delicious produce–just no cherry tomatoes. 

🍇Any produce not claimed* by CSA members on Monday will be up for sale at the Tuesday market.

*Claimed means texting back by Monday at 8pm and setting up a pickup time. 

🌶Do you still have questions? Email me at tremplerfamilyfarms@gmail.com or Call/Text 231-750-9321

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