Cleaning and Covid-19

Here is information on how your produce is handled:

I wash my hands before harvesting.

Mesh bags and plastic containers are washed in a washing machine/in hot soapy water between each customer. Please put your returnables in the marked box for sorting and washing.

The sink station used to rinse produce is cleaned with a bleach solution prior to use. The nozzle of the hose used to rinse produce is also cleaned with this bleach solution. The salad spinner is washed after it has been used.

Please note that your salad mixes and root crops are rinsed, but not washed. Please make sure to wash the vegetables just prior to eating. Legally, I am allowed to rinse your vegetables, but due to my set up, I am not allowed to wash your vegetables. Other fruits and vegetables may be wiped down or rinsed, but again, not washed.

Styrofoam coolers are washed between each customer. Customer tables are wiped down each day. Please bring your own bags/boxes and do not take the styrofoam coolers home with you. There will be one customer per cooler per day so your produce will not be touched by anyone but me.

Hand sanitizer is provided.

Please reach out to my affiliate farms and businesses for each of their individual cleaning policies.

Produce storage containers, harvesting containers, and fridge shelves are wiped down with a bleach solution in between uses.

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