Black Friday Weekend (November 27-30) Mix and Match Jams: 

Flavors to choose from Cinnamon Pear, Golden Plum, Strawberry, Grape, Almond Italian Plum, or Caramel Apple Syrup. 

All Black Friday Weekend orders will be ready on Tuesday, December 1st for pickup.

Click here for the deal.

11/29/2020 UPDATE: CSAs slots are 90% filled. Are you interested in a non traditional & relaxed $15-$25/week CSA? If you’d like to join please email me at tremplerfamilyfarms@gmail.com. Then check out the CSA page. 

CSA members click here for CSA details. 

The Tuesday Farmer’s Market is at 1465 SE Alexander Ave in South Corvallis from 5pm-7pm. I accept cash, credit, and HOURs at the market. The market will return May 2021.

I’ve partnered with other farms to provide products I don’t offer. These products include: eggs, honey, coffee and cookies. Please click here for more info and pricing.

👉Remember to take a look to the right of this screen for Trempler Family Farms closures and events. 👉


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