What’s at the Farm Stand?

What’s at the Farm Stand?

The Farm Stand is currently closed until Spring 2019. Thank you!

The Farm Stand is located at 135 SE Corliss Corvallis, OR. It’s open 8am-8pm daily. If you have any questions about what is in stock, feel free to call, text or email. 231-750-9321 or tremplerfamilyfarms@gmail.com. I never use conventional pesticides or herbicides. Exact cash please. I do accept PayPal as well. Just go to this link: www.paypal.me/tremplerfamilyfarms




NEW! Old Blue Raw Blackberry Honey. $8 for an 8 ounce squeeze bottle or $12 for a pint (22 ounce by weight) jar.


Mealworms: A high protein treat for your chickens! 10 cents/worm-Text 231-750-9321 to order.


 Chick Bricks (Flock Blocks) plus mini chicken nuggets. They are 3.5 inch square. A perfect fit for inside your suet feeder. BUST THAT BOREDOM. 4 Blends. All the Chick Bricks are bound with organic coconut oil. No gelatin!
Seed & Nut Blend $5-Millet, Corn, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Peanuts
Immunity Blend $6- Seed & Nut Blend PLUS organic cayenne pepper, cinnamon, organic garlic powder (from Trempler Family Farms), bay leaves, oregano, turmeric, and black pepper.
Protein Blend-$7 Seed & Nut Blend PLUS mealworms from Trempler Family Farms
Layer Blend $6-Organic Layer Feed and Oyster Shell Crumbles
Pickled Onions $6.95/pint
Salsa-various temps and sizes $6.95
0.75 cent refund for any Ball or Kerr jar with lid


Garlic $4

Lemon Balm-priced as marked


4oz: $4.95

8oz: $6.95

16oz: $8.95

Certain items are priced as marked.


Texas Hot Pepper

Grape Fiesta (slightly spicy)

Concord Grape

White Grape

White Grape & Jalapeño


Strawberry Jalapeno

Strawberry Balsamic

Strawberry Lemonade

Cucumber Mint

Cucumber Basil

Vanilla Honey Plum

Spiced Crab Apple

Golden Plum

Golden Plum Asian Inspired Sauce

Plum BBQ Sauce

Mixed Berry Pancake & Waffle Syrup

Maple Pear

Cinnamon Pear

Fruit N Honey Syrup


Circulating Varieties


Concord Grape–100% organic grape juice with no added sugar!–SOLD OUT for 2018!

White Grape–100% organic white grape juice with no added sugar-Less than 10 quarts left!

Bartlett Pear–100% organic pear juice with no added sugar!-Less than 10 quarts left!—SOLD OUT for 2018!

Quart Sized $8.95

Bring Back the Jar/Ring for a 75 cent refund!







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